Thank God

In this homily for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr Michael Doody preaches on the thanksgiving due to God in the mass. The main post for Thank God...View Details

Increase Our Faith

By drawing on the catechism and St Thomas Aquinas, Fr Michael explains the power of the apostle's prayer in this week's gospel to "Increase Our Faith"...View Details

Restore: Your Mojo

Matthew Tan describes the ways that the Deadly Sin of Sloth might sneak up on us, and the subtle but expressly distinct ways it can express itself. Th...View Details

Mark Griffin sits down with Giovanni Portelli and Miguel Zaragoza to discuss the role that media plays in the life of the church. Good News! A Catholi...View Details

Fr Doody speaks about the cataclysmic event of the fall of man from grace in the garden in Genesis and warns us of the errors of universalism. The mai...View Details

The Prodigal Father?

Father Micheal reflects on the many Catholics today who try to tick all the boxes of practising Catholicism but don't frequent the sacrament of confes...View Details

Fr Anthony Mary inspires us to love deeper the Holy Mass by explaining that the Eucharist should be understood primarily through our hearts, not our m...View Details


Fr Doody explains this week's gospel: that we must prefer nothing to Jesus, even to hate our father and mother that we may give Christ our hearts undi...View Details

The Deadliest Sin

Father Michael expounds upon why we must foster the virtue of humility and flee from the vice of pride, drawing on the words of Our Lord in today's go...View Details

Mark Griffin from Parousia sits down with Deacon Harold to discuss his latest book on Father Augustus Tolton, the first African American priest. The m...View Details

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