Fr Anthony Mary speaks about the beauty of the soul of Our Blessed Mother, and how Mary's existence is a constant glorification of God. The main post ...View Details

I Believe

Fr Michael speaks about the responsibility that comes along with saying that you believe in God. We should take seriously and pray for the virtue of f...View Details

In this talk from the Immaculata Mission School 2019, Archbishop Julian Porteous speaks about what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to give our who...View Details

We often feel that we can't follow God because we don't have the strength, but we don't have to worry about the future if we trust that God will provi...View Details

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Monica Doumit explains the Catholic position on abortion and euthanasia and helps us to defend the dignity and reverence due to each human person. The...View Details

Persistent Prayer

Fr Michael speaks about the importance of persistence in prayer, and how this persistence reveals the enduring desires of our heart. The main post for...View Details

Father Pacwa examines the destruction of marriages and families that occurs as Biblical standards are increasingly ignored. The main post for Crisis ...View Details

Via Sanctorum

Every aspect of the life of the saint is directed toward Jesus Christ. We must prayerfully discern where our focus is at all times. The main post for ...View Details

Charbel Raish sits down with Mike and Alicia Hernan from the Messy Family Project podcast and gets to know more about them and their valuable ministry...View Details

In this talk recorded at the 2019 Aquinas Symposium, Br Reginald Chua OP unwraps what St Thomas has to say on whether all of Israel will be saved. The...View Details

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